Walk straight this way to a more attractive smile

There are many adults living with crooked smiles that dent their confidence and make them want to smile less. At our Coventry dental practice we think everyone should have a smile they can’t help showing off so we offer a range of orthodontic brace treatments designed to enhance your natural smile.

We realise that many people are put off wearing braces because they remember the appearance of ‘train track’ style braces from school – this no longer has to be the case!

At Dental Perfection in Coventry we offer a wide range of brace treatments including ‘invisible’ aligners.

  • Invisible braces are convenient – Because they are removable they fit seamlessly in with people’s lifestyles.
  • Invisible braces are discreet – Being virtually invisible means that when you are wearing them hardly anyone will notice.
  • Invisible braces are comfortable – There are no fixed wires or brackets and the clear aligners gently reposition your teeth so they are comfortable to wear.

We are offering FREE consultations for invisible braces and other orthodontic options at our Coventry dental practice. To book contact our friendly team on Coventry 02476 220420 or 02476 229726