Dental Implants at our Coventry & Kettering Practices

Why Choose Dental Implants?

We will always make every effort to repair and restore a damaged or decayed tooth to help prevent tooth loss. Keeping your natural teeth is not only good for how your smile might look, it also provides important support and structure to the rest of the teeth, jaw and face.

However, in some cases keeping the tooth is not possible, and this is where a dental implant or teeth implants can be a wonderful option for patients who have lost a tooth or teeth. A dental implant involves carefully attaching a false replacement tooth to an artificial root, which not only improves the look and feel of the teeth and mouth, but helps to prevent future problems with the shape and position of the other teeth and jaw.

What are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been accepted by dental professionals for over 50 years as a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement.

You do not feel the difference.

They are widely recognised to be the most successful method of tooth replacement used today. Placed by specially trained dentists, implants are hard to tell apart from natural teeth.

The colour, shape and contour of replacement dental implant teeth can be adapted to match that of your existing teeth.

With dental implants, any healthy teeth you have do not have to be compromised. With conventional dental bridges, the adjacent teeth are used as anchors and must often be ground down. Dental implants eliminate this need and allow natural, healthy teeth to be preserved in their original state.

Maintaining our natural jaw bone is a very important advantage of dental implants. With missing teeth, the bone begins to deteriorate over time and significant bone loss can lead to a sunken mouth and chin. Dental implants can help by minimising bone loss.

When we lose a tooth, the nearby teeth can drift onto the gap causing problems with the way our teeth bite together and this can limit how well we can chew our food.

Dental implants and implant-supported dentures or crowns offer strength, reliability and durability similar to that of natural teeth. Crowns, bridges or dentures are securely anchored to the dental implant roots that are placed in your jawbone. This eliminates some of the main problems of conventional dentures, such as poor fit, gum irritation, pressure points and speech and taste impairment.

As a result, they are accepted by your body.

Your implant root can actually last a lifetime with proper care and good oral hygiene.

The Highest Quality Implant Treatments

Patients who choose to get dental implants at one of our Dental Perfection practices, whether in Coventry or in Kettering, will also benefit from the extensive expertise of our expert implant clinician Dr Pramod Sabharwal, who has a special interest in this area of dentistry and has attended courses around the world in order to deliver the highest quality dental implant treatments.

If you are considering a dental implant, your dentist will take the time to assess your suitability, explain the process and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to go ahead, a local anaesthetic will be carefully administered to ensure you’re comfortable, before a small titanium screw is implanted into the jaw bone, which will act as the new ‘root’ once healed.

A Firm, Secure Solution

When the bone has firmly attached to the implant, you will return to the practice to have your new replacement tooth fitted (a temporary tooth can be fitted in the meantime). Your new permanent tooth will be carefully matched to the surrounding teeth in colour, size and shape, and will be securely fitted to the new implant.

Teeth implants can also be used to support a denture or bridge, especially useful when patients have lost more than one tooth. Once the dental implant treatment is complete, patients feel like they never lost a tooth, giving them the confidence to smile, laugh and enjoy their favourite foods once more.

If you want to find out more about how dental implants could be right for you, please speak to the team.

Patient Testimonal

“I recently had 3 implants, very pleased with the results. At all stages of the treatment I was reassured and ensconced. I would recommend as the dentist and staff are very professional and caring.”