Teeth Straightening Treatments in Coventry & Kettering

Straight Teeth For Confident Smiles


Many people experience problems with the alignment and position of their teeth, which can affect their confidence to talk and smile, cause them problems with biting and chewing, and affect their ability to keep their teeth clean and healthy. We can provide gentle, individual teeth straightening at our practices in Coventry and Kettering for both adult and younger patients.


Teeth Straightening Advice & Consultancy


If you or your child wish to find out more about straightening your teeth, the first step is to speak to your dentist who will carry out a full assessment of your mouth, answering any questions you may have. They will then be able to make recommendations based on your individual requirements and circumstances.

There are a variety of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening options available to align your teeth. Braces can be fixed or consist of removable appliances that are made for each patient, depending on their needs. Your dentist will be able to outline your individual treatment plan, length of treatment and the cost of the suitable options.


Fixed Braces


  • Ceramic Braces

Many people are familiar with the more traditional fixed braces, or ceramic braces, where brackets are firmly attached to the teeth and are connected by a wire which is tightened over time to move the teeth into place. Modern developments mean the brackets and wires are now much more discreet and subtle, and your dentist can explain your choices for each element.


  • Fastbraces

Fastbraces are also a great option to straighten smiles in 3 to 12 months, depending on patients. They are a fixed brace that uses unique triangular brackets, allowing the system to move the root of the tooth first, in order to create results much faster than traditional fixed braces.


  • Six Months Smile

Alternatively, Six Month Smiles treatment uses patented technology and focuses primarily on the teeth visible when you smile. Consequently, treatment times are usually around 50% shorter than other braces. Incredibly subtle thanks to the system’s bespoke, tooth-coloured wires and brackets that blend in with your natural teeth, opting for the Six Month Smile treatment will ensure you can smile more confidently than ever on your big day!


Removable Braces

Alternatively, we may recommend you consider a removable braces, such as our Invisalign braces, which use a combination of wires and springs, or retainer trays, to reposition the teeth using gentle pressure. 


Regardless of the straightening treatment, it is important to keep your teeth clean and healthy, so we recommend regular dental hygiene to look after your teeth and brace.

Want to find out more about getting the straight smile you’ve always wanted? Speak to the team to find out more about our orthodontic treatments or book a free appointment today!

Patient Testimonial

“In 3 months I have a transformed smile, I’m so happy with my new smile, amazing service thank you all so much.”