Fastbraces at our Coventry & Kettering Practices.

Get a Beautiful New Smile, Fast.

In addition to our gentle, caring approach to dentistry, we also want to be able to bring our patients leading orthodontics treatments that deliver the very best results. For patients who are keen to straighten their teeth as quickly as possible, Fastbraces could offer the perfect solution.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces use new technologies to straighten smiles in 3 to 12 months, depending on the individual patient. They are a fixed brace that uses unique triangular brackets, which allows the Fastbrace system to move the root of the tooth first, which creates results much faster than traditional fixed braces.

The Benefits of Fastbraces.

Less visits to the dentist.

Patients undergoing Fastbraces treatment also need to visit their dentist less frequently than with standard fixed braces, which can be much more convenient in today’s busy world.

Peace of mind.

You can also have complete peace of mind as this is a system that has been developed over 20 years of research and has delivered excellent results to patients around the world.


Fastbraces are lighter and more flexible than ceramic braces, hence considerably reducing the initial discomfort of wearing braces. In addition, the systems also allows the crown and the root to move simultaneously causing less friction and consequently discomfort.

Cleaner Teeth.

Braces can make it difficult to adequately clean your teeth. As Fastbraces are worn for a shorter period of time compared to traditional fixed ceramic braces, you can regain full access to your teeth quicker. The brackets of Fastbraces are also smaller, which means that even during the treatment you will be able to clean your teeth better than with ceramic braces.

Getting Started With FastBraces.

If you’re interested in Fastbraces, your dentist will be able to fully assess your suitability, outline the costs and treatment process, as well as answering any questions you may have. Once treatment is complete you will feel increased confidence when it comes to talking, laughing and showing off your beautiful new straight smile.

To find out more about Fastbraces and our other orthodontic and teeth straightening treatments, book a free consultation, or get in touch.

Patient Testimonial

“In 3 months I have a transformed smile, I’m so happy with my new smile, amazing service thank you all so much.”