All on 4 Dental Implants & Treatment

Restoring Your Smile

Thanks to developments in dentistry there are lots of solutions available for patients who have lost teeth. The ‘All on 4’ treatment is a wonderful alternative to dentures for those who wish to replace a full arch of missing teeth, and in some cases this treatment can be carried out in just one visit, meaning you leave the practice with a new set of teeth in just one day.

Traditionally, dentures that sit over the gums are used to replace a row of missing teeth. However, some people are not satisfied with the fit and feel of dentures, so All on 4 offers an excellent alternative, as the replacement teeth are firmly fixed to four titanium ‘roots’ that are implanted into the gums.

Complete Peace of Mind

By using dental implants your dentist is able to create a firm anchor on to which they will secure your new permanent fixed bridge of teeth that are perfectly matched to your mouth in size, shape and colour. If you all looking to avoid embarrassment and discomfort following tooth loss, speak to a member of our team to find out more about dental implants and the All on 4 treatment.

A Detailed Assessment

We will take the time to fully assess your mouth, listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. We may also take a CT scan to make absolutely certain the treatment is suitable for you. We will then create your individual treatment plan and outline the costs involved, leaving you free to take the time to decide if you wish to proceed.

Patients who choose the All on 4 treatment find that they have a natural feel and appearance, virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, meaning they can smile, talk and laugh with confidence, as well as being able to bite and chew all their favourite foods.

To begin your journey towards a beautiful new smile please get in touch to find out more or book a consultation.

Patient Testimonial

“Dental team were friendly + efficient. Dentist gave regular updates during the procedure which reassured me of their progress. provided good aftercare for dental implant including a follow-up phone call a few days after the procedure.”