How to Deal With Dental Anxiety


Dental anxiety is a very common problem across the UK, with over 50% of Brits choosing just to avoid their appointments. However, it was also found that most toothache root from untreated infections, meaning that due to this anxiety, a lot of dental issues are going untreated. So, how can you combat your dental anxiety and ensure a good level of dental health? We’ve put together a list of key things to consider when battling dental anxiety, making sure that you can get the dental treatment you need. 


Research your dentist before your appointment 

To make sure you’re going to be comfortable with your new practice and dentist, it’s best to research them before booking your appointment. Some dentists may even specialise in anxious patients. A good place to get a feel for your dentist is through reading customer testimonials. At Dental Perfection, we strive to offer our patients high quality, gentle and friendly care. You can read our customer testimonials here


Communicate anxieties with your dentist

By telling your dentist in advance that you are anxious about your appointment or treatment, they can make sure they make you as comfortable as possible. This could be by explaining the treatment they are going to do, or how the appointment will run. This will help put your mind at ease and reduce any stress. 


Focus on your breathing

Once you’re actually in the chair, a great way to manage your anxiety is to control and focus on your breathing. A great practice is to hold your breath in through your nose for about four seconds. Hold this breath for three seconds and then exhale slowly over about 5 seconds. Wait a few seconds before taking another breath and then begin the process again. This should help to keep you calm and relaxed during your treatment. 


Listen to music 

Taking headphones to your appointment and listening to calming music during your treatment, can help to remove yourself from the situation and reduce stress and anxiety. This can help to distract your brain from any treatment you are undergoing, whilst also keeping you relaxed and calm. It’s worth discussing with your dentist if this is possible beforehand.


Agree a hand signal

Before you begin your treatment or appointment, agree a hand signal with your dentist to let them know to stop if it gets too much. A lot of dental anxiety comes from worry about not being able to talk or communicate during an appointment. By agreeing to hand signals, you can be reassured that treatment can be stopped if you need it to be. 


Avoid Caffeine 

Caffeine is a stimulant, and its jittery effects on the body can send someone with anxiety into fight or flight mode. This is a similar reaction to when your body experiences fear or stress, therefore over-stimulating yourself with caffeine can increase anxiety levels or even cause a panic attack. 


Choose a stress-free appointment time

Book an appointment at a time when you’re least likely to be stressed or under pressure. This may be a weekend appointment so you don’t have to rush back from work to your appointment. Or, you could book an early morning appointment so you don’t spend the whole day worrying about it. 


Ask about numbing gel 

If your anxiety mainly stems from a fear of needles and, in particular, the pain – you can ask your dentist to provide numbing gel. At dental perfection we are happy to do this for customers who are worried about pain and discomfort. By requesting numbing gel, you can reassure yourself that you have some sort of barrier to needle discomfort and pain. 


Start small 

If you’ve avoided dental appointments for a stretch of time due to your anxiety, then it’s best to start small with a check up appointment so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Booking yourself in for a particularly painful treatment is only going to heighten anxiety levels. 

We’re happy to support any of our patients through their dental anxiety. You can view our dental treatments to find more information on what we can offer, and how we help to calm nervous patients. Or you can call, or book an appointment to talk through your worries.


What are the Best Teeth Whitening Options?


As the popularity of social media and its effects on us rise, everyone is striving to achieve new beauty standards including perfectly white teeth. So how can you achieve this for yourself and what’s important to consider? Each mouth and set of teeth are different, so different methods will work better for different people. Therefore it’s important to do your research. 


You’ll want to find a reputable dentist to complete your teeth whitening process. You can find our customer testimonials at Dental Perfection here. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure and can therefore only be legally carried out by a dentist. Done wrong, whitening can cause more problems such as dental pain or hypersensitivity. There could be an underlying health problem (such as gum disease) that is causing the discolouration in your teeth. If you have underlying dental problems, whitening your teeth may make them appear healthier, when in actual fact they are not. It’s always a good idea to book a consultation with a reputable dentist to get your oral health checked before completing a whitening procedure.  


Seeing a Hygienist


Sometimes all that is needed to create a whiter teeth appearance, is the lifting of surface stains. This can usually be achieved in a quick 30-40 minute appointment with a dental hygienist. This is why it is important to see a hygienist before beginning a whitening procedure -you may not need to use such a corrosive method. It’s also beneficial in some instances to get this done before whitening to achieve a more even and whiter smile for your end results. 


Certain whitening methods should be avoided as they are ineffective and bluntly a waste of money, they can also be damaging to your teeth and overall dental health. Often these products will not contain a high enough amount of whitening substances, as they are illegal to be sold over the counter.


Over-the-Counter Whitening Products


Over the counter whitening toothpastes and powders should be avoided as they do not work to change the internal colouring of the tooth. Toothpaste does not have a high enough dosage of whitening agencies to cause effect . At best, these options can remove surface stains, but can also cause damage to the protective enamel on your teeth. If you’re looking to improve your general oral health, it’s best to book an appointment with a hygienist and benefit from the long term effects. 


Teeth Whitening Procedures


Professional Teeth Whitening


Receiving professional teeth whitening from someone with skill and experience can leave your teeth with a whiter appearance, without causing any damage to your gums or enamel. However, there are a couple of different methods professionals use to deliver teeth whitening, each with their own individual benefits. They may fit you with a custom tray which will then be filled with whitening gel. You will then wear this at home for a specific advised amount of time over a series of days. 


Some professionals also offer in-chair whitening. This is a one off treatment that provides an instantly whiter smile appearance.


Internal Bleaching


This option is only suitable for non-vital teeth, or those that have been discoloured over time. Usually these teeth would receive a root canal treatment after trauma. Bleach is placed inside the tooth for the amount of time it takes to achieve the desired shade of white. Once this has been achieved the bleach will then be removed. 


Veneers and Crowns 


Veneers are a thin molding made from porcelain. This is then bonded to the front of an existing tooth. Veneers are used to correct discoloured, stained, chipped, crooked and misshapen teeth. Veneers are a lifetime commitment once they have been fitted. They will need regular dentistry as they can chip and discolour over time. A dentist will discuss whether or not this is a suitable option for you. 


Online Teeth Whitening Kits


Teeth whitening kits available for purchasing online are not the same as professional whitening treatments, even though they are commonly misconceived as such. The amount of active bleaching agent included with the whitening gel can often be heightened to dangerous levels. If you are going to use an online whitening kit it is important to do your research and check the products’ ingredients. If they don’t contain whitening agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, then they will probably contain ingredients such as sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate or citric acid, all of which will not work towards changing the internal colouring of your teeth. 


They are abrasive enough to remove surface stains, however at the cost of damaging your teeth’s enamel which can not be grown back. If there is peroxide in the ingredients, note the percentage and check that it complies with dentist guidelines (6%).  Be very careful of products that contain more than 1% peroxide. This is illegal to be sold over the counter (not prescribed by a dentist) and can be very damaging to your teeth. The tray received will also not be fitted to your teeth which can cause the issue of the whitening agent spilling out into your mouth and being swallowed. This can cause further health complications. Although dental whitening may be more expensive, it will be more effective and beneficial to your health over time. 


Here at Dental Perfection we offer a range of whitening procedures, and with a consultation we can choose the right procedure to comply with your current dental health without damaging your teeth. 


COVID Message

A Message for all our Patients

A much-awaited announcement was made last night (28th May) by the Chief Dental Officer Sara
Hurley. Dental Practices can start to open from 8th June. This is fantastic news for all of the team at
the practice, it has been a very difficult time for everyone and we thank our patients for their
understanding and for the many messages of support during lockdown, it has meant such a lot to us


As you know patients safety has always been our key priority and we have been working on a “back
to work” plan to ensure we have all the correct PPE and safety procedures in place just as soon as
possible and we will do everything within our power to work towards this date for our reopening
and will keep all of our patients updated on a regular basis.


We are sure you will understand that we are doing everything we can to get to all our patients who
need us just as soon as possible. We have a clear pandemic plan and additional protocols to follow.
We will make sure that our re-opening is safe, effective and prioritises the most urgent needs. You
will appreciate that after 10 weeks of closure, we have already been contacted by patients who are
now in desperate need. We will prioritise the relief of pain and want to see everyone as soon as we


You will notice changes in the way the practice now needs to operate following the reopening. We
will ensure that we contact the patients with urgent needs initially and will provide all patients with
clear advice and guidance before visiting the practice to ensure a smooth transition into the new


We look forward to seeing you as soon as possible

What To Do If Your Tooth Filling Falls Out?


If you lose a filling completely or you feel a filling becoming loose, please call us immediately on 01536 411150 for Kettering and 02476 220420 for Coventry and ask for an emergency appointment.


Our Kettering practice is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 – 17.30 and on Wednesdays from 8.30 – 19.30 (Saturday: by appointment) and Coventry is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 – 17.30 and on Thursdays from 8.30 – 19.30 (Saturday: by appointment).


What happens when you get fillings?

You may need a filling if you experience decay in a tooth. Our gentle dentist will first give you an anaesthetic to numb the area and then remove the decayed part of your tooth, filling it to protect the tooth, helping it maintain its strength and prevent further problems. 

At Dental Perfection in Kettering and Coventry we provide white or tooth-coloured fillings, both for new treatments options and as a replacement for older-style metal (amalgam) fillings.


White fillings

The fillings we use are known as composite fillings. They are made from a hard, strong and durable resin that your dentist can colour match and mould to the exact shape of your tooth, setting it using a blue light. Composite fillings offer an excellent, discreet solution for minor damage or decay.


How long do fillings last?

With normal wear and tear – and no toffees! – fillings will last many years. 


Replacing metal or amalgam fillings

If your old dark amalgam fillings are affecting your confidence to smile, the team at Dental Perfection is ready to help.

The latest white fillings are available in a range of colours and translucencies, so your dentist will be able to closely match the colour of your teeth to the new replacement fillings, giving the filling a natural appearance that others are unlikely to notice, so you can feel proud of your teeth once more.


Get in touch to find out more about our composite fillings or book an appointment today.


What Are The Best Fake Teeth?


An attractive smile can light up a room, turn heads, steal hearts, open doors and last a lifetime. If you have lost teeth, need a denture or have one that looks false and feel that your smile is now letting you down please talk to us about the different ways we can help boost your confidence.  


Realistic dentures

Old dentures used to be very white, very uniform, very wobbly – and very fake!

There is no substitute for your own teeth for both appearance and function – and making dentures that perform as well and look as good as natural teeth is a tough challenge. 

Dentures crafted at our Kettering and Coventry dental practices  will ensure you have an attractive appearance and can eat comfortably and confidently. Good dentures really can improve your quality of life.


The benefits of dentures at Dental Perfection

  • Improved appearance
  • Better chewing function than having missing teeth
  • Improved digestion because your food is properly broken down
  • Cost effective
  • FREE denture consultation to find out what’s possible


Natural looking dentures

As we get older the colour of our teeth changes and they gradually darken. We offer more natural-looking false teeth, to include tooth shades that look realistic. 

Our dentures are made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a natural appearance. Your denture will be made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove it for cleaning.


How much do dentures from Dental Perfection cost?

We offer partial and full dentures and prices start from £300.


Don’t neglect your gums

It is important that you take extra care in your dental hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Our hygienist, Caroline, will be able to show you how to best take care of your denture and gums and will tell you about specialised brushes you can use to do this. We will also screen you for mouth cancer for your peace of mind.


Get your new teeth and smile!

If you would like to speak to the team to find out more about dentures and our other advanced dentistry treatments that provide a secure anchor for dentures, such as dental implants and All on 4 implants, please get in touch with us, or book a free consultation today!


A Guide to Children’s Braces


Orthodontic treatment uses braces or aligners to gently reposition the teeth and braces are ideal for crowded or crossed teeth, gappy smiles and jaws that do not bite together correctly. 

Dental Perfection in Coventry and Kettering offers private orthodontic treatments for your child in a calm relaxed environment, with evening and Saturday appointments to fit around your busy schedule.  


Does my child need braces?

There are ways to tell if you think your child needs braces and this includes noticing teeth that are growing in at an angle, teeth that cross over one another, or gaps between their teeth that do not appear to be closing as your child grows.


When should my child see an orthodontist?

Changes to NHS orthodontics treatment means that there can be long waiting lists to see a specialist orthodontist and you may also require a referral from a dentist. If you have any concerns, please book a free orthodontic consultation at Dental Perfection to get advice from our dentists. We are happy to see our younger patients privately for orthodontics – where there is no waiting list for treatment. 


At What age can my child have braces?

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments for children and teenagers, as well as early intervention orthodontics for children as young as five years old. Each child is treated as an individual and please rest assured that we will avoid extracting any of their teeth wherever possible, instead we aim to take advantage of their natural growth. We carry out an in-depth assessment and focus on achieving a great smile, not just a functional bite.

You are welcome to choose from our full range of orthodontic and teeth straightening options, which include removable expanders, fixed braces or invisible aligners. We can guide you and help you choose what is best for your child.


How long does an orthodontic treatment last for?

Each child is different, so it is difficult to provide exact time frames, however, the average time for children’s orthodontic treatment is about 12 months.


What is the price for an orthodontic treatment? 

Again, the price will be determined for your child’s unique needs. Orthodontic treatment at Dental Perfection starts from £37.80 a week. We will provide an exact cost following their orthodontic assessment and offer interest free finance and low interest finance options to help spread the cost.


What is the difference between NHS and private orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS however there are strict government criteria for this. Guidelines state that patients must be under 18 years old and braces can only be fitted for health, not cosmetic reasons. Young people with severe crowding, protruding or buried teeth may be eligible. 

The criteria is outlined in the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs (IOTN) which gives each patient a score as to the severity of their orthodontic problems. They must achieve a certain score to qualify for NHS treatment. 


The benefits of private orthodontics treatments:

  • No restrictions
  • No waiting list
  • A wider choice of braces
  • A greater choice of treatment times including evenings and Saturdays


Get started with your child’s orthodontic treatment!

Visit Dental Perfection in Kettering or Coventry or book a free orthodontic consultation to find out more!



All-on-4 Implants: The Modern Solution to Replacing Missing Teeth


“If you have lost all of your teeth, unsecured, traditional dentures are an option, which in many cases, have limited success”, says Kettering and Coventry implant dentist Pramod Sabharwal from Dental Perfection.

Some people find dentures painful, inconvenient and unstable at times. They can make chewing certain foods difficult and dentures that do not fit properly can cause embarrassment, especially in social situations.

Modern dentistry has another solution to replacing missing teeth – All-on-4 implants. Implant dentist Pramod Sabharwal has years of experience in using the All-on-4 technique at Dental Perfection, which has practices in Coventry and Kettering

Dental Perfection dental practice is proud to offer life changing advanced dentistry treatments and implant treatments to patients from across Coventry and Northamptonshire who have been unable to keep their teeth and who can’t tolerate dentures. 


Free initial dental implants consultation

If you would like to find out whether All-on-4 implants could be the right choice for you, please contact us for more information and to book your free consultation.


How do All-on-4 implants work?

The All-on-4 treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants. With fewer implants needed, overall treatment time is reduced. This solution also ensures greater stability in the bone, reducing the need for bone graft surgery to increase bone volume.

We can typically place temporary provisional teeth on the same day as your treatment. These provisional teeth look and feel much like natural teeth, allowing you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery. 

After a few weeks of healing time, Dr Sabharwal will place your final bridge. Your quality of life is improved and you can start enjoying your favourite foods again and socialising with greater confidence in your teeth.


The advantages of the All-on-4 implants technique

  • A cost-effective solution. With only four implants required for each jaw, the cost is lowered.
  • Faster treatment and healing time.  Your replacement teeth can be attached to your implants immediately after insertion – there’s no need to wait.
  • Flexible options. You can choose a fixed or removable denture that’s best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Scientifically proven. The special tilting of the implants has been used for more than a decade with favourable results and the All-on-4 technique is backed by good clinical outcomes from scientific studies.


How much do All-on-4 implants cost?

Everyone is different. As a result, the cost of the implant procedure and preparation of the tooth replacement will differ as well. For this reason, it is not possible to give an all-inclusive cost estimate – you are welcome to join us for a free implant consultation to find out more. Prices start from £37.80 a month.


How long do All on 4 implants last? 

With proper care and regular dental health examinations, your implants can last many years. Many patients have had implants for 15 years and longer. The likelihood of an implant still being fully functional after ten years is greater than 90%.


Other dental implants FAQs


What is an implant? 

Dental implants serve as artificial roots, firmly anchored into the jawbone, that support removable or fixed tooth replacements.


What material are implants made from? 

Dental implants are made of commercially-pure titanium – a material proven to be accepted by living tissue (biocompatible). Adverse reactions to titanium are extremely rare.


Is implant treatment unpleasant or even painful? 

No, implants are generally placed under local anaesthesia. Placing the implants involves minimal discomfort.




How to look after your teeth

Teeth Care and Hygiene Coventry

We wouldn’t want to say that tooth loss is inevitable, with regular dental practice visits a good home oral care regime and a fair wind we’d expect your smile to last a lifetime….but things do happen and tooth loss can happen.

So if you lost a tooth or two what do you do? Cover your mouth when you speak or smile for the rest of your life?  You could get a bridge fitted to replace a missing tooth perhaps but what if you have several teeth missing?  Maybe you’d be happy with a denture which you can take out and clean every night, leaving it by the bed to soak away until morning.  Perhaps you wouldn’t miss certain foods or be bothered by the sores that can occur with dentures which are not fitting properly.

The path to tooth loss is a tricky one and although missing a tooth at the back of your mouth seems like not too much of a problem did you know that over time the remaining teeth will move to try and fill the gap that has been created by the tooth loss – leading to a gappy smile all round!

Teeth Treatment and Solutions Coventry

Dental Implants can solve all of these problems.

Implants are the safe and effective long term solution to tooth loss and uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures.  Implants are placed in the jawbone and then posts are fitted in to the implants.  The dental restoration or implant retained denture is then fitted on to this post.  This means that the tooth looks, feels and behaves just like your natural tooth.  No more gap.  No more hiding that smile.  No more missing out on the foods you love.

Just a huge boost in confidence to get out there and really start enjoying life again!

To book your free no obligation consultation please contact us here

Crooked Teeth to Straight Teeth

Quick straight teeth

There are many who are not happy with the straightness of their teeth when they smile.  It might be they don’t have any other issues with their smiles but their crooked teeth leave them having less confidence in their smile than they should.

Sometimes crooked teeth can leave to bite issues or make it particularly difficult to keep the healthy but in many cases they are simply slightly crooked or crowded.  At our Coventry practice we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments including fixed wires and brackets through to ‘invisible’ aligners.  With this wide range of treatments it means we can treat many patients’ needs and cover adult orthodontics and younger patients.

Treating Crooked Teeth

We offer free no obligation consultation for our orthodontic treatments to give our patients the opportunity to find out about our range and make an informed decision regarding their treatment. You can book a consultation for orthodontic treatment.

Both the In-Line and Invisalign treatments we offer are exceptionally popular as they are incredibly discreet.  They both use clear retainers and most people don’t even realise that they are being worn.  They are also very comfortable as there are no wires or brackets and because they are removable they are not worn when eating, drinking or throughout your oral care regime.  This means that maintaining oral hygiene is not as hard as it might be if where conventional bracket and wire braces.

We also offer Six Month Smiles which uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to move teeth in to a more desirable position.  The method by which this is achieved means that treatment times are dramatically reduced – some patients achieve the smiles of their dreams in a matter of weeks!  Average treatment time is just six months from start to finish.

There really is something for everyone with our range of treatments so find out how we can improve your smile contact us today for your free consultation.  You can book a consultation for our Coventry practice.

Cheer up January with a whiter, brighter smile!

Professional teeth whitening from our Coventry dental practice

We know that the weather isn’t great. We know the days are short and the nights long. And we know that January doesn’t usually get any better!

This January why not treat yourself to a whiter, brighter smile and help spread a little sparkle throughout January….and beyond?

Our professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to gently remove the stains and tooth discolour which builds up over time, due to smoking or because of the types of food and drink you consume.

These stains and yellowing of the teeth can make you lose confidence in your smile and as it’s one of the things people notice first about you, it’s important to be able to show it off whenever you can!

If you’d like to start 2018 with a smile that has been restored to its natural whiteness then contact the team today and book in for a consultation so we can tell you how we can improve your smile.