How to look after your teeth

Teeth Care and Hygiene Coventry

We wouldn’t want to say that tooth loss is inevitable, with regular dental practice visits a good home oral care regime and a fair wind we’d expect your smile to last a lifetime….but things do happen and tooth loss can happen.

So if you lost a tooth or two what do you do? Cover your mouth when you speak or smile for the rest of your life?  You could get a bridge fitted to replace a missing tooth perhaps but what if you have several teeth missing?  Maybe you’d be happy with a denture which you can take out and clean every night, leaving it by the bed to soak away until morning.  Perhaps you wouldn’t miss certain foods or be bothered by the sores that can occur with dentures which are not fitting properly.

The path to tooth loss is a tricky one and although missing a tooth at the back of your mouth seems like not too much of a problem did you know that over time the remaining teeth will move to try and fill the gap that has been created by the tooth loss – leading to a gappy smile all round!

Teeth Treatment and Solutions Coventry

Dental Implants can solve all of these problems.

Implants are the safe and effective long term solution to tooth loss and uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures.  Implants are placed in the jawbone and then posts are fitted in to the implants.  The dental restoration or implant retained denture is then fitted on to this post.  This means that the tooth looks, feels and behaves just like your natural tooth.  No more gap.  No more hiding that smile.  No more missing out on the foods you love.

Just a huge boost in confidence to get out there and really start enjoying life again!

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