Dazzling smiles this Spring….

Over time our smiles can become dull and stained. They can lose their natural whiteness just from us getting older. Certain foods and drinks can also stain our teeth and if you smoke then you’ll recognise that a stained smile is another negative impact of smoking!

Professional tooth whitening, when performed by a registered dental professional is a fast, effective and safe way to whiten teeth, remove stains and give a brighter smile. At our Coventry dental practice we offer in practice whitening and also at home kits. Both whitening systems give whiter, brighter smiles in quick times but Zoom2, our in practice whitening option, can give you a more dazzling smile in about an hour! The at home kits take 1-2 weeks to achieve the same results, either way your smile will be several shades whiter with fewer stains and less dullness.

To book a whitening consultation today simply contact our friendly Coventry dental practice.