Coventry dental practice offers discreet invisible braces

Are you totally happy with how straight your teeth are? Do they overlap in places? Are they uneven or not set in a level arch?

Whatever the reason you don’t like your crooked smile, our Coventry dental practice could have a solution for you!

Many people have been putting off seeking treatment for misaligned teeth because they don’t want to have to wear ‘train-track’ style metal wire and bracket braces, but did you know there are other options available today?

If your smile is suitable we can offer ‘invisible’ braces, which are transparent and so hardly anyone will notice you’re wearing them. These braces, as well as being discreet, are comfortable, painless and removable, so they can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

To find out more about the different braces options available, or to book a consultation simply contact us at our Coventry practice today