Cheer up January with a whiter, brighter smile!

Professional teeth whitening from our Coventry dental practice

We know that the weather isn’t great. We know the days are short and the nights long. And we know that January doesn’t usually get any better!

This January why not treat yourself to a whiter, brighter smile and help spread a little sparkle throughout January….and beyond?

Our professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to gently remove the stains and tooth discolour which builds up over time, due to smoking or because of the types of food and drink you consume.

These stains and yellowing of the teeth can make you lose confidence in your smile and as it’s one of the things people notice first about you, it’s important to be able to show it off whenever you can!

If you’d like to start 2018 with a smile that has been restored to its natural whiteness then contact the team today and book in for a consultation so we can tell you how we can improve your smile.