All-on-4 Implants: The Modern Solution to Replacing Missing Teeth


“If you have lost all of your teeth, unsecured, traditional dentures are an option, which in many cases, have limited success”, says Kettering and Coventry implant dentist Pramod Sabharwal from Dental Perfection.

Some people find dentures painful, inconvenient and unstable at times. They can make chewing certain foods difficult and dentures that do not fit properly can cause embarrassment, especially in social situations.

Modern dentistry has another solution to replacing missing teeth – All-on-4 implants. Implant dentist Pramod Sabharwal has years of experience in using the All-on-4 technique at Dental Perfection, which has practices in Coventry and Kettering

Dental Perfection dental practice is proud to offer life changing advanced dentistry treatments and implant treatments to patients from across Coventry and Northamptonshire who have been unable to keep their teeth and who can’t tolerate dentures. 


Free initial dental implants consultation

If you would like to find out whether All-on-4 implants could be the right choice for you, please contact us for more information and to book your free consultation.


How do All-on-4 implants work?

The All-on-4 treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants. With fewer implants needed, overall treatment time is reduced. This solution also ensures greater stability in the bone, reducing the need for bone graft surgery to increase bone volume.

We can typically place temporary provisional teeth on the same day as your treatment. These provisional teeth look and feel much like natural teeth, allowing you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery. 

After a few weeks of healing time, Dr Sabharwal will place your final bridge. Your quality of life is improved and you can start enjoying your favourite foods again and socialising with greater confidence in your teeth.


The advantages of the All-on-4 implants technique

  • A cost-effective solution. With only four implants required for each jaw, the cost is lowered.
  • Faster treatment and healing time.  Your replacement teeth can be attached to your implants immediately after insertion – there’s no need to wait.
  • Flexible options. You can choose a fixed or removable denture that’s best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Scientifically proven. The special tilting of the implants has been used for more than a decade with favourable results and the All-on-4 technique is backed by good clinical outcomes from scientific studies.


How much do All-on-4 implants cost?

Everyone is different. As a result, the cost of the implant procedure and preparation of the tooth replacement will differ as well. For this reason, it is not possible to give an all-inclusive cost estimate – you are welcome to join us for a free implant consultation to find out more. Prices start from £37.80 a month.


How long do All on 4 implants last? 

With proper care and regular dental health examinations, your implants can last many years. Many patients have had implants for 15 years and longer. The likelihood of an implant still being fully functional after ten years is greater than 90%.


Other dental implants FAQs


What is an implant? 

Dental implants serve as artificial roots, firmly anchored into the jawbone, that support removable or fixed tooth replacements.


What material are implants made from? 

Dental implants are made of commercially-pure titanium – a material proven to be accepted by living tissue (biocompatible). Adverse reactions to titanium are extremely rare.


Is implant treatment unpleasant or even painful? 

No, implants are generally placed under local anaesthesia. Placing the implants involves minimal discomfort.