COVID Message

A Message for all our Patients

A much-awaited announcement was made last night (28th May) by the Chief Dental Officer Sara
Hurley. Dental Practices can start to open from 8th June. This is fantastic news for all of the team at
the practice, it has been a very difficult time for everyone and we thank our patients for their
understanding and for the many messages of support during lockdown, it has meant such a lot to us


As you know patients safety has always been our key priority and we have been working on a “back
to work” plan to ensure we have all the correct PPE and safety procedures in place just as soon as
possible and we will do everything within our power to work towards this date for our reopening
and will keep all of our patients updated on a regular basis.


We are sure you will understand that we are doing everything we can to get to all our patients who
need us just as soon as possible. We have a clear pandemic plan and additional protocols to follow.
We will make sure that our re-opening is safe, effective and prioritises the most urgent needs. You
will appreciate that after 10 weeks of closure, we have already been contacted by patients who are
now in desperate need. We will prioritise the relief of pain and want to see everyone as soon as we


You will notice changes in the way the practice now needs to operate following the reopening. We
will ensure that we contact the patients with urgent needs initially and will provide all patients with
clear advice and guidance before visiting the practice to ensure a smooth transition into the new


We look forward to seeing you as soon as possible