NHS Dentist Coventry

Why Choose the NHS?

Dental Perfection offers NHS services in Coventry & Kettering so that you can maintain your perfect smile.

NHS treatments are available to specific groups of patients only. Our team will be able to confirm whether you are eligible for registration within the NHS at Dental Perfection.

If you would like to find out more about Dental Perfections private treatments then visit NHS Private Treatments

What can our Coventry NHS Dentists offer?

  • A thorough examination of your mouth, gums & teeth.
  • Give you an explanation of your treatment and why you’ve put through to a NHS dentist in Coventry
  • Let you know how much your private treatment will cost
  • Provide you with a written treatment plan before any work is started
  • Show a poster about NHS Charges
  • Discuss how regular you need to be with your dentist on Check-ups
  • Provide a leaflet that includes information on Dental Perfection and it’s
  • services.

NHS Dentist Coventry

What should an NHS patient do?

  • Give Dental Perfection as much notice as possible before cancelling
  • Ask us for a written treatment plan
  • Pay your treatment bills promptly
  • Ask us anything if your unsure of what to do next
  • Follow our Dental Perfection Dentist advice if you wish to keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy

If you need to know more information or want to ask something we haven’t covered please contact us

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