White Fillings Coventry

Here at Dental Perfection in Coventry we can replace your old amalgam (silver) or gold fillings safely with natural tooth coloured composite material.

White or tooth coloured fillings are known as composite fillings, they are made from a putty-like resin that can be moulded to the exact shape of the tooth and set using a visible blue light, they are life-like and long lasting. White fillings are the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. They do have some limitations regarding size and position in the mouth, your Coventry dentist will discuss these with you. It should also be borne in mind that cosmetic fillings usually last 4-5 years whereas amalgam can last longer.

Many people decide to switch to white fillings when older style amalgams need replacing due to wear and tear. However, if you have dark or discoloured fillings that are visible when smiling or laughing, you may decide to change them for cosmetic reasons.

The latest white fillings are available in a wide range of colours and translucencies, enabling the dentist to closely match the colour of your teeth and give them a natural and pleasant appearance.