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Orthodontic Treatment in Coventry

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At dental perfection in Coventry we provide specialist orthodontic treatment. Our Coventry orthodontist Mr Ali Farhani is highly experienced in treating both adults and children. Orthodontic treatment is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of irregularities in teeth and jaws using braces.

Braces are fixed or removable appliances individually made by an orthodontic laboratory technician to fit your needs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials. Fixed braces consists of a wire which is used to pull or push the teeth along this wire with the help of springs or elastic bands. The teeth glide along the wire using a bracket which is glued to the tooth. A removable brace has delicate wires and springs attached, which move the teeth using gentle pressure.

To see what type of appliance is best suited to you, and to get an idea of how long the treatment will take, what it will cost etc. please come and see our coventry orthodontist, Mr Ali Farhani who will be only too happy to help answer all your questions.